Three seconds of HEAVEN….

Ok, just when I am starting to regain my equilibrium, it occured to me that Felicity was smiling on that clip. SMILING!!! I bet she’s babbling so cutely Oliver can no longer resist. He just have to hold her face so gently and lean in for that kiss….

And now I am back to hyperventilating and everything is out of balance (again!) but Boy, I do love being in this chaotic state!

Season 3, I am soooooo ready! Bring it on!



Well, did we get spoiled huh?

What a time to be an Oliciter. What a time to be part of this fandom. Really, it’s a fucking blast. The humor, the love, the joy, the theories - it’s all amazing.

Not surprisingly, my ask box was inundated. I was a little disturbed by some of the…

Oh FREAKING my! Well, let them say anything they want. Us Oliciters are going to bask in this glorious ray of light we call “OLICITY”.

Now October can’t come fast enough, eh?