It’s kinda late….

I binged watch season 1 of Once Upon a Time last weekend and I am halfway through Season 2 (Yay!!!). I heard about this show the first time it came out and believe me or not it got my attention but for some reason I can’t recall nor fathom, I wasn’t able to really watch it (huh poor me!). Anyway, needless to say I got myself into a new ship, hehehe. I’ve been following people here in Tumblr who ship Hook and Emma and I am so glad that most Olicity shippers are also onboard CaptainSwan’s ship.

I am sorry but I am crazy about those two I had to write this.



What do you do when Arrow is on hiatus, you go to grad school, work full time and have a toddler to take care of? You watch Olicity videos and wish October was here already!

I was watching the episode where Count Vertigo strikes again and holds Felicity hostage. I have watched this scene before…

I love this!!!